I use light to control nanoscale motion and seek to bring these large systems towards the quantum regime.

Experimental activities include levitated systems, where a nanoparticle is held in vacuum by a focused laser, with applications of Bayesian inference and optimal estimation techniques.

Research networks include QTSpace and the MAQRO Consortium.

Open positions

I am always looking for highly motivated and creative researchers to join our team.

There is a current open PhD studentship to start April 2020 or soon after, with applications due by end of February 2020.

Selected publications

Experimental optomechanics
+ Spectral analysis and parameter estimation in levitated optomechanics; arXiv
+ Parametric feedback cooling of levitated optomechanics in a parabolic mirror trap; arXiv
+ Experimental Realization of a Thermal Squeezed State of Levitated Optomechanics; arXiv

Theoretical proposals
+ On the Existence of Low-Mass Dark Matter and its Direct Detection; arXiv
+ Near-field interferometry of a free-falling nanoparticle from a point-like source; arXiv
+ Optomechanical test of the Schrödinger-Newton equation; arXiv
+ Free Nano-Object Ramsey Interferometry for Large Quantum Superpositions; arXiv

Experimental cold atoms
+ A dynamic magneto-optical trap for atom chips; arXiv
+ Matterwave interferometric velocimetry of cold Rb atoms; arXiv
+ Interferometric Laser Cooling of Atomic Rubidium; arXiv