PH-204 Physics Simulation

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Course Information

Python Visualizer

Tutorial; NumPy; SciPy; matplotlib; PH-113 Python Primer; SciPy Lectures

Part 0: The fundamentals

See PH-113 Laboratory Skills/Python Primer

Part 1: Fundamentals, functions, and finding numerical solutions

Material 1

For Assignment 1a, you are asked to write a flowchart, pseudocode, or similar to explain your strategy. Provided it is fairly clear, the exact formatting does not matter. In case it's helpful, here's a flowchart tutorial.

Practice 1.1

Part 2: Plotting, integration, interpolation, fitting to data

Material 2

Practice 2.1

Practice 2.2

Fitting and the covariance matrix

Part 3: Solving Differential Equations

Material 3

Practice 3.1

Practice 3.2

Part 4: Classes, Multiprocess, Symbolic computing

Material 4

Practice 4.1 and a video generated by this code ising.mp4

Practice 4.2 and solutions



These are notes-to-self which I use during lectures. They refer to the material above.