PH-207 Crystalline Solids I

Recommended texts

  • Kittel Introduction to Solid State Physics Wiley
    (Also useful for 3rd and 4th years)

  • Ashcroft & Mermin Solid State Physics
    (Towards research level but still accessible)

  • Hook & Hall Solid State Physics Manchester Series

  • Turton The Physics of Solids
    (Less mathematical)


Lattice I static properties

Lattice 1 notes

  • long-range order
  • vectors and basis
  • diffraction; reciprocal lattice
  • crystal planes and structure factor

Physics in a nutshell: BCC structure

Lattice II dynamic properties

Lattice 2 notes

Mathematica 1d phonons

  • sound waves and phonons
  • (heat capacity)
  • 1D lattice and band structure

Lattice III heat capacity

Lattice 3 notes

Mathematica: Einstein heat capacity

Mathematica Debye density of states

  • Microscopic theory prediction
  • Macroscopic experimental measurement

Lattice IV electrons

Lattice 4 notes

  • Drude (Classical)
  • Sommerfeld (QM w/o lattice)
  • QM with lattice: PH-307


Notes-to-self which I use during lectures.


Video lecture

PDF notes