PH207 Crystalline Solids I

Recommended texts

  • Kittel Introduction to Solid State Physics Wiley (Also useful for 3rd and 4th years)

  • Ashcroft & Mermin Solid State Physics (Towards research level but still accessible)

  • Hook & Hall Solid State Physics Manchester Series

  • Turton The Physics of Solids (Less mathematical)


Part 1 Lattices

Lecture 1.1 Introduction & packing

Lecture 1.2 Lattice vectors

Lecture 1.3 Diffraction

Lecture 1.4 Reciprocal lattice

Workshop 1; Workshop 1 solutions

Lecture 1.5 Structure factor

Part 2 Phonons

Lecture 2.1 Waves & 1D phonons

Lecture 2.2 Diatomic 1D phonons; Mathematica: 1D phonons including animations

Lecture 2.3 Acoustic and Optical phonons; Mathematica: Reststrahlen frequency algebra

Part 3 Heat Capacity

Lecture 3.1 Einstein model; Mathematica: Einstein heat capacity

Lecture 3.2 Debye model and k states; Mathematica: Debye density of states

Lecture 3.3 Debye model and comparison

Workshop 2; Workshop 2 solutions

Part 4 Electrons

Lecture 4.1 Drude model

Lecture 4.2 Hall and Sommerfeld

Lecture 4.3 Electrons in a periodic potential

Part 5 Applications

Lecture 5.1 Bonding

Lecture 5.2 Light interaction

Lecture 5.3 Doping and devices